Readiness of ICOS for Necessities of Integrated Global Observations

EU Horizon 2020 project aiming to further develop and foster sustainability of the ICOS RI and the ICOS ERIC

RINGO, 'Readiness of ICOS for Necessities of Integrated Global Observations' is a 4-year H2020 project with a total budget of 4,719,680.00 euros. RINGO has 43 partners in 19 countries and consists of 5 work packages with specific emphasis on the further development of the readiness of ICOS Research Infrastructure (ICOS RI) to foster its sustainability.

Five principal objectives

RINGO’s five principal objectives are scientific, geographcical, technological, data as well as political and administrative readiness:

1. Scientific readiness. To support the further consolidation of the observational networks and enhance their quality. This objective is mainly science-guided and will increase the readiness of ICOS RI to be the European pillar in a global observation system on greenhouse gases.

2. Geographical readiness. To enhance ICOS membership and sustainability by supporting interested countries to build a national consortium, to promote ICOS towards the national stakeholders, to receive consultancy e.g. on possibilities to use EU structural fund to build the infrastructure for ICOS observations and also to receive training to improve the readiness of the scientists to work inside ICOS.

3. Technological readiness. To further develop and standardize technologies for greenhouse gas observations necessary to foster new knowledge demands and to account for and contribute to technological advances.

4. Data readiness. To improve data streams towards different user groups, adapting to the developing and dynamic (web) standards.

5. Political and administrative readiness. To deepen the global cooperation of observational infrastructures and with that the common societal impact. Impact is expected on the further development and sustainability of ICOS via scientific, technical and managerial progress and by deepening the integration into global observation and data integration systems.




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This project has received funding from the
European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and
innovation programme under grant agreement No 730944.



Did you know? RINGO also refers to another EU Horizon2020 project, Research Infrastructures – Needs, Gaps and Overlaps. This project is aimed at identifying the Needs, Gaps and Overlaps for research infrastructures in the field of aviation.