Unraveling Earth’s greenhouse gas balance with measurements

ICOS RI is a pan-European Research Infrastructure which provides harmonized and high precision scientific data on carbon cycle and greenhouse gas budget and perturbations. ICOS data is openly available at the Carbon Portal. The Carbon Portal is a one-stop shop for all ICOS data products.

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ICOS reality: CH-DAV nominated ICOS ecosystem class 1 station

ICOS ERIC officially inaugurated in Finland

The ICOS ERIC has celebrated its recent establishment by the European Commission and the fact that Finland’s been chosen as the host country with the launch event that took place at the ICOS ERIC new headquarters in Helsinki on 22 April 2016. This day was also chosen for the ICOS ERIC inauguration in Finland as it's been internationally recognized as the Earth Day. During the event ICOS ERIC Director General Werner Kutsch and Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture representative Satu Paasilehto unvieled the official ICOS ERIC plate.