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GEO-C Kick-off meeting

06-07-2017 to 07-07-2017

10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference (ICDC10)

21-08-2017 to 25-08-2017

19th WMO/IAEA Meeting on Carbon Dioxide, Other Greenhouse Gases, and Related Measurement Techniques (GGMT-2017)

27-08-2017 to 31-08-2017

1st Nordic ICOS Symposium

29-08-2017 to 31-08-2017

Carbon Cycling in Boreal Peatlands and Climate Change II workshop, Finland

25-09-2017 to 29-09-2017

International Conference 'Quo vaditis agriculture, forestry and society under Global Change?'

02-10-2017 to 04-10-2017

ICOS Belgium Science Conference

20-10-2017 to 20-10-2017

GEO-C Kick-off meeting

06-07-2017 to 07-07-2017

GEO-C Kick-off meeting
Dates: 6th to 7th July, 2017
Location: Italian Ministry of Environment, Rome, Italy

GEO Work Programme 2017–2019 initiative GEO Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Initiative (GEO-C) will be officially launched in Rome from 6th to 7th July 2017.

ICOS co-coordinated GEO-C initiative aims towards the integration of greenhouse gas data and information across the domains at the global level. The initiative acts as a platform that facilitates and stimulates planning and implementing of strategies and joint activities providing comprehensive knowledge on changes in the global carbon cycle and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which enables the evaluation of the mitigation activities against climate change.