ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre

Greenhouse Gas Measurements Over The Marine Ecosystems Are Coordinated And Processed By Icos Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC)

The ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC) is responsible for helping, in collaboration with the ICOS Carbon Portal and the ICOS Head Office, the operational element of Marine ICOS, the network of observing platforms (VOS, fixed stations and repeat hydrography) represented in the Monitoring Station Assembly, deliver its core mission of providing the data needed to quantify the changing role of the ocean in the global carbon cycle. Specific elements include:

1) Designing and maintaining the network of stations and reaching out to external users of the data
2) Assisting with and quality controlling data collection and availability and preparing and updating protocols
3) Training ocean site Principle Investigators (PIs) and technical staff
4) Evaluating new sensors and methodologies
5) Seeking new partners to complete the array and underpin its robustness.

From 2016, the OTC has been hosted by the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research partner institutions; NORCE Norwegian Research Center (formerly Uni Research) and the University of Bergen. From 2019 onwards, University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory will co-host the OTC through the National Oceanography Centre.

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Richard Sanders
OTC Director