ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre

Greenhouse Gas Measurements Over The Marine Ecosystems Are Coordinated And Processed By Icos Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC)

The ICOS National Networks to measure greenhouse gas fluxes over the marine ecosystems are coordinated by the ICOS RI Ocean Thematic Centre. OTC supports ICOS network of observations particularly in the North Atlantic, Nordic Seas, Baltic and the Mediterranean. OTC provides support in the form of data storage, data reduction techniques, quality control, evaluation and/or development of new instruments, developing protocols, providing training, and liaising with ship industry. Ships, floats, gliders and other promising platforms will be equipped with state of the art carbonate system sensors and quality assessed by the OTC. This is a part of the ambition making the ocean platforms autonomous and to provide real time ocean data to the ICOS RI. OTC will also provide Live Access Data through systems like the one today used by SOCAT.

The Ocean Thematic Centre is coordinated and operated by Bjerknes Centre of Climate Research at the University of Bergen, Norway, together with National Oceanography Centre Southampton, University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory in UK, and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel, Germany.

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Truls Johannessen
OTC Director
Bjerknes Centre of Climate Research
Benjamin Pfeil
Senior Engineer
Bjerknes Centre of Climate Research