ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Centre

Greenhouse Gas Measurements Over The Terrestrial Ecosystems Are Coordinated And Processed By Icos Ecosystem Thematic Centre (ETC)

The ICOS National Networks to measure greenhouse gas fluxes over the continental ecosystems are coordinated by the ETC, a Central Facility of ICOS RI. The ETC is responsible for the on-line processing of data on net ecosystem fluxes and its components, carbon pools and other auxiliary data, and instrument development in co-operation with the wider community. Different processing hierarchies are used for production of the various data sets resulting in different data levels. Ancillary information about the sites, e.g. metadata, vegetation and soil characteristics, disturbances and management, will be processed to ensure high standardization between the different sites.

The Ecosystem Thematic Centre is coordinated and operated by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) in collaboration with the University of Tuscia in Viterbo, Italy; the University of Antwerp (Research Centre of Excellence on Plant and Vegetation Ecology) in Belgium and the National Institute for Agricultural Research in Bordeaux, France.

ETC station


Dario Papale
ETC Director
University of Tuscia, UNITUS
Denis Loustau
ETC Executive Committee member
National Institute for Agricultural Research, INRA
Bert Gielen
ETC Executive Committee member - Data Unit, Network Unit
Plant & Vegetation Ecology, University of Antwerp, PLECO