Our structure

Icos Ri Organisation Is Founded On Two Pillars: Research And Measurement Infrastructure And Icos Eric, A Legal Entity For Icos Data Release, Coordination And Integration Of The Whole System

ICOS RI organizational structure 2017:

Carbon Portal Director
Atmosphere Thematic Centre Director
Ecosystem Thematic Centre Director
Ocean Thematic Centre Director
Central Analytical Laboratories/ Flask and Calibration Laboratory Director
Central Analytical Laboratories/ Central Radiocarbon Laboratory Director

Chair of General Assembly

Chair of Atmosphere Monitoring Assembly
Chair of Ecosystem Monitoring Assembly
Chair of Ocean Monitoring Assembly

Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Head of Operations
Head of Administration
Interim Head of Strategy & International Cooperation
Head of Communications

Werner Kutsch
Alex Vermeulen
Leonard Rivier
Dario Papale
Truls Johannessen
Armin Jordan
Ingeborg Levin

Jean-Marie Flaud

Huilin Chen
Mathias Herbst
Dorothee Bakker

Anna Michalak

Elena Saltikoff
Anne Malm
Emmanuel Salmon
Katri Ahlgren