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Participation In Icos Ri Ensures That The Researchers Get The Data Of Highest Quality And The Decision Makers The Best Information To Make Wise Decisions.

Participation in ICOS RI

Participation in ICOS RI is beneficial for each country’s scientific community working on greenhouse gases (GHG) in a way that they will:

  1. Be part of a unique Research Infrastructure for GHG measurements,
  2. Be part in the latest developments of cutting-edge GHG measurement techniques and data processing routines through Central Facilities support,
  3. Attain higher quality, comparability and credibility for the data through Central Facility support,
  4. Get the measurement data in a harmonized and processed pool of open world class GHG data base in Carbon Portal,
  5. Draw more users and impact for their data through organised release by Carbon Portal,
  6. Participate in the cooperation on European and Global level,
  7. Benefit from ICOS RI training events, and
  8. Secure long-term funding for their national measurement network.

ICOS RI will also provide higher level products e.g. maps on sources and sinks of greenhouse gases. This condensed information are useful for policy makers to support their decision on mitigation of climate change.

More specific information for

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How to join

Inform ICOS ERIC Head Office about your country’s interest in participating ICOS RI and who is your Focal Point.

Tasks of ICOS Focal Points

  • Report to the ICOS Research Infrastructure Committee (RI Committee) and the General Assembly (GA) on the national scientific activities and future plans.
  • Inform National Network on the RI activities, training, events, opportunities etc.