Our aims

Icos Ri Provides The Long-Term Observations Required To Understand The Present State And To Predict The Future Behavior Of The Global Carbon Cycle And Greenhouse Gas Emissions

measurement equipments

ICOS RI promotes fundamental understanding of carbon cycle, greenhouse gas budgets and perturbations and their underlying processes.

To facilitate the research that will lead to this understanding, ICOS RI offers a high precision, long-term network of stations, which measure greenhouse gas fluxes from ecosystems and oceans, and greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

In addition to an European-wide research infrastructure, ICOS RI coordination activities ensure that the measurements are processed into a single and coherent data set which is easily available to the researchers and all the interested social stakeholders such as citizens, decision makers and media.

Strategy goals

1. Scale up ICOS RI to the full operational level

2. Further develop internal integration and best practices of the RI

3. Develop a set of elaborated data products out of ICOS data via the Carbon Portal

4. Take a lead in global and European integrations of research infrastructures and Earth Observation programs on carbon and GHG

Learn how to become a part of national measurement network.

ICOS Carbon Portal will be a one-stop shop for all ICOS data products.