ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre

ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre (ATC) coordinates the atmospheric measurement network of ICOS RI.

The ICOS National Networks to measure atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations are coordinated by the ATC, a Central Facility of ICOS RI. ATC is composed of a data centre and a metrology laboratory. This centre is complemented by an in situ station quality control mobile unit.

The ATC metrology laboratory carries out regular measurement technology survey, test and analysis for GHG and isotope instruments of tomorrow. It is the central labeling and training centre for ICOS atmospheric measurements. The data centre develops and maintains in house software to centrally process and quality control the data from the European atmospheric ICOS networks.

ATC is coordinated and operated by French Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l´Environnement supported by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.