Media Kits


ICOS ERIC and ICOS Central Facilities


ICOS ERIC / Head Office Media Kit


Download EN

ICOS Carbon Portal Media Kit


Download EN

ICOS ETC Media Kit

ICOS ETC station

Download EN

ICOS OTC Media Kit

ICOS OTC station

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ICOS National Networks



ICOS Belgium Media Kit

ICOS Belgium station

Download EN | NL | FR

ICOS Czech Republic Media Kit

ICOS CZ station

Download EN | CS

ICOS Finland Media Kit

ICOS Finland station

Download EN | FI

ICOS Netherlands Media Kit

ICOS NL station

Download EN | NL

ICOS Norway Media Kit

ICOS Norway station

Download EN | NO

ICOS Sweden Media Kit

ICOS Sweden station

Download EN | SE

ICOS Switzerland Media Kit

ICOS CH station

Download EN | DE

ICOS United Kingdom Media Kit

ICOS UK station

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We are always happy to answer your questions and help you find a specific photo or other multimedia material. For more information about what we do please get in touch with the ICOS Communications team by mailing at icos-comms (at) Interviews can be arranged in person or via phone, Skype, Video-conference, Webex or email.


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