ICOS France Science day 2019

ICOS France Science day 2019: Understanding the greenhouse gases cycle in a warming Earth
Date: 26th November 2019
Place: Biological Research Station of Roscoff, France

The ICOS France Science day 2019 is an open scientific conference discussing about the greenhouse gases cycle, and it focuses on measurements, data reporting and analysis, ICOS data applications, and modelling in France and Europe. The conference is welcoming oral presentations and posters, please submit the presentations & posters by 31st of October 2019.

For the recent years, the European continent and North Atlantic ocean have been experiencing unprecedented droughts and heat waves (late spring and summer 2019) events. The observing stations in the land, atmosphere and ocean organised by the ICOS infrastructure have been monitoring the impacts of such events on the long lived greenhouse gases flux exchanged between continental ecosystems, ocean surface waters and the atmosphere. Beyond the direct observations obtained with harmonised measurements and centrally available through the ICOS Carbon Portal and  Thematic Centres, the time series of data collected across the three domains allow to understand the short and long term effects of such events on the greenhouse gases balance of the European continent and to connect together the biogeochemical processes at work at a range of spatial scales. The accuracy, traceability and interoperability of data collected in combination with remote sensed data e.g. on land use and land use changes are paving the way to enhanced quantifications of greenhouse gases content of the atmosphere in real time, verification of climate policies effects and  improved projections of the future climate impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, urban megacities and oceans.

The conference morning session will include two keynote lectures by Prof Dr Philippe Ciais (CEA, LSCE, Saclay) addressing the impacts of the 2018- 2019 drought on the greenhouse gas cycle and by Dr Jamie Shutler on the exchange of greenhouse gases at the surface of ocean waters. Jérôme Chave (CNRS Toulouse) will give a presentation about carbon in tropical forests.

Conference is hosted by the Roscoff conference centre of CNRS and the Roscoff Biological Station, co-organised by INRA, CNRS, CEA, IRD and the Sorbonne University.